So You Think You're An Extrovert?

There are only two types of people that live in New York City: extroverts and then the people trying to get away from them. Manhattan has gone from a couple hundred Algonquians quietly chilling on rolling hills and swamps, to four million people cramming in every work day on an island the size of a glorified aircraft carrier. There are lots of different types of people that live in New York City, but the true extroverts don’t just merely put up with the hustle and bustle, the crowds and the chaos, but are instead drawn to the city by these very things.

Understandably, New York City is a hard place for introverts to live, but it’s an extrovert’s playground. Since before the Myers-Briggs personality test was even a sparkle in some psychotherapist’s eye, New York has been a city full of crowds, noise, and unmatched energy. To put it in terms some of you suburbanites would understand, New York City is to extroverts what Kohl’s Bucks are to coupon moms. Extroverts thrive here, picking up energy from endless social events, trains full of strangers, and the never-ending stimuli of a city that is constantly on the go. After all, to create a city that never sleeps, you need people who never do either.

With that in mind, I created 10 Yes/No questions to help you discern whether you are a true New York City extrovert. Enjoy!

    1.    You had an existential crisis when you realized that you couldn’t meet every new person at every event in NYC.

    2.    Your favorite type of alone time is sitting in a coffee shop the size of a walk-in closet with 37 other people.

    3.    You talk with more energy about a trip to the grocery store that morning than an introvert does about getting engaged to their spouse.

    4.    When people talk about needing to get out of the city, you’re puzzled why somebody would want to sit in a cabin upstate when all of the people are here?

    5.    You decide which social events to go to by looking at the guest lists and picking the ones that will have the most new people to meet.

    6.    You feel trapped when your introvert friends try to make you commit to one friend group.

    7.    You adjust your schedule so that you can go to places like the gym, laundromat, or grocery store when they have the most people.

    8.    Your only use for Central Park is to go to big group gatherings on the Great Lawn or at Sheep's Meadow; otherwise it’s just too quiet.

    9.    When your friend is trying to gather people to go get pizza late at night with him, he doesn’t even ask you because he knows you’re a yes.

    10.    You rationalize staying later at a party or event because you’ll be more energized from being around people and only getting five hours of sleep than you would from skipping out and getting eight hours of sleep.

How Many Yeses: (And give yourself +1 extra credit if you are reading this on your phone in-between social engagements)

0: Introvert: I don’t get you but I still love you.

1-2: On the line between the E and I: You’re the tease who threatens to leave every half an hour.

3-4: Mild Extrovert: We should be friends, but not so close of friends that we inhibit each other’s ability to talk to strangers.

5-7: Strong Extrovert: Now we are in rarefied want to go to three events with me on Saturday night?

8-10: Extreme Extrovert: The most extroverted of the make the people with clipboards trying to raise money wish they hadn’t started talking to you.