Some Days Everything Changes

Some days everything changes. God doesn’t tell us when those days will be; usually they just happen. For my family, January 2, 2001, was one of those days.

Shout Your Abortion

“Challenge the stigma around abortion,” the speaker urged from the small, makeshift stage. “These fucking politicians keep these laws in place because there is a stigma, a stigma around abortion.”

The Things On Which Dreams Are Made

After an earlier rain storm, the afternoon sun poked through the clouds at the track stadium in Sapele, Nigeria, the site of the 2016 Nigerian Olympic Trials. The 400m mens finalists approached the starting blocks as the crowd stirred with anticipation. 

One Day At a Time: An Essay About My Mom

Something didn’t seem right. It was an early spring day during my freshman year of high school, and as I walked home from school I realized that my parents had recently been making a lot of trips to Kansas City. 


The Nine Types of Crushes You Have in NYC

It’s summertime in New York City, which means there are lots of parties and picnics and other events where you can meet new friends.